Renesmee and Edward



Renesmee shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “No it’s fine dad, I’ll just come back another time when I know she is home.” She replied softly moving some hair from her face. “I’m sorry I’ve been busy with school but I’m on break so I can come visit more often. I’m great dad our new furniture arrived that aunt Alice ordered.” She told him excitedly. Renesmee moved closer to her father and gave him a hug. “I missed you more dad.” She whispered. 

"I’ll make sure to tell her that you stopped by." He spoke with a small nod as he talked to his daughter. "It’s no problem Renesmee. Really, it isn’t. As long as I know you’re having a good time and enjoying your life, that’s what matters the most to me. I bet it looks good - that pixie has style..  Don’t tell her I said that, I’ll never hear the end of it." A light chuckle came from Edward’s lips. "I’m just glad you’re here now.."

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Hayley rested against his cold chest as she relaxed her breathing to lessen the streaming tears. “I know Edward. You are the closest thing to a real father I have ever had.” She whispered as she wiped away her tears with her thumb. “I’m so sorry.” 


"And I’ll be that if it’s all you need, whatever you need." He held her close to him, just like what he did with Renesmee. "There’s no need to be sorry Hayley. Things aren’t easy in life, we’ve just got to learn how to adapt to them."

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Well I believe I got it from both parents.

That’s yours to believe, my dear.

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We could be at this all day, I'm just like you.. I don't like losing an argument.

You’re also very stubborn like your mother, but in all the good ways that I love it about her, just like I love it about you.

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I'm shaking my head at you father. I don't see how mountain lions are appealing.

My Renesmee, shaking your head now are we? My, oh my. 

The real question there is how are they not appealing… There’s a question with no answer.

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"Death is peaceful, easy. Life is harder.”

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#bella #fc
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Dad panda's are cute!

But who wants to see a sad panda? That’s no fun.

Although…didn’t you know they can tear you to pieces? I don’t see the appeal in liking something like that - personally.

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We definitely can not, I'd be a sad panda without you.

Aw, I don’t need a sad panda for a daughter. Now that’s just sad.

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Of course not because she would miss her amazing father.

And we most certainly can’t ever let that happen!